Analyze COVID-19 cases & vaccinations

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Analyze COVID-19 pandemic (Worldwide + US states & counties) & NEW vaccinations (Country level)

Analyze COVID-19 global and US pandemic & country-level vaccinations in a daily refreshed Power BI report and subscribe here to get the report file (pbix) and gain the license to modify it to build your own COVID-19 dashboard. The report includes advanced time intelligence measures to analyze the curve and offset all countries and the US states by the number of cases per capita by day since 100 confirmed cases. You can also analyze small multiples, running averages and try the Play Axis to see the progression over time.

What's Included?
  • New: Subscription-based license to use the Power BI report file (pbix). Without subscription, the report will only load the current month.
  • Country-level and US state-level vaccination data and percentage of fully vacinationed people in the country and state population.
  • Analyze small multiples by countries, US states & counties.
  • Use dynamic running averages by countries or US states.
  • Analyze by week numbers or end of week dates
  • Performance improvement: Line chart visualizations are now loading faster by using week dates in the X-axis

Due to changes in the terms of use by Johns Hopkins University, this report can be used for commercial purposes. Read the license for more details.

Contact the developer for questions on building a custom Return-To-Work dashboard using this app.

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