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Power BI Dashboard for NewZapp

Connect to your NewZapp account and analyse the performance of your email communications directly in Power BI NewZapp Power BI Dashboard is a Power BI app that connects to your NewZapp account and allows you to analyse the performance of your campaigns quickly and easily from directly within Power BI. The app requires an active NewZapp account and a valid API Key to refresh data automatically. You can see open and click rates for all of your campaigns and filter them by campaign name, send date and Contact Groups and Segments. The Dashboard allows you to see a heatmap of opens so you can identify optimal times to send campaigns when your audiences are most active. By filtering campaigns by name you can gain key insights in to metrics for specific types of campaigns and view crucial metrics such as open rates, CTR (Clickthrough Rate), and CTOR (Click-to-Open Rate). Once installed the app can also act as a NewZapp data connector. It's dataset can be used from new Power BI reports and also from within Excel workbooks providing you with added insights and flexibility to analyse your NewZapp data. Main Features: Account Summary – At a glance total send volume and average open and click rate across the last 50 campaigns. Campaign History – View the last 50 campaigns sent complete with individual campaign metrics for open and click rates Open Rate Graph – Time series graph of Open Rates by Campaign Date. Heatmap – Quickly see when campaign open activity is highest using the heatmap Filter Data – Easily filter data by date, campaign name or sending Group to drill down to key insights. NewZapp Power BI Dashboard is free for all NewZapp customers. You can create as many instances of it as you want and use the data connector to further analyse your data. We can also help you build bespoke

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