XDEX Financial Record Network Pro Edition v1.0

yayıncı: 10XTS Inc

XDEX is an enterprise grade financial record network for capital markets and financial services.

XDEX provides tools for Companies and Funds to manage their Financial Investment portfolio and Investor relationships by storing complete records at the Company/Fund and Investor level. Investors can keep up on the Financial Investment performance as well as review the original documents from the initial purchase, shareholder agreements, and updates on valuation. Pricing is based on the Financial Instruments (Assets, Notes, Deed, etc.) under management and includes access for both internal management and investor accounts.

For capital markets and the financial services industry, XDEX is a shared system of financial record network that connects all of your financial information, documents, metadata, payments, trading, order, communication, market and reference information into a single API-connected, blockchain-based platform to connect, simplify, log, and secure every activity and interaction — lowering risks and reducing costs.

Unlike existing solutions that create redundant silos of information within each organization, XDEX is an advanced, highly-secured, blockchain-based shared data network.

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