ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals for Power BI

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Make data exploration experience on Power BI intuitive, quick and easy with ZoomCharts visuals.

ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals are touch-driven custom visuals for Power BI, that are known for user friendly drill down, smooth animations and rich customization options. Use them to create reports that business users absolutely love – visually appealing, with intuitive, quick and easy data exploration experience on every device.

ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals Key Benefits

With custom visuals designed for Power BI, ZoomCharts helps:

  • making data available and easy to understand to everyone in the organization
  • raising speed and rate for Power BI adoption
  • driving data-driven decision making
ZoomCharts makes life easier for both:

  • Report creators: who appreciate the rich customization and chart combination options, ability to save screen space when creating reports, easier reporting structures and less time needed to train report consumers to use Power BI reports.
  • Report consumers: who enjoy easy data exploration experience, beautiful report design and ability interact with data to get answers right away on the same (one) report page.

ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals Key Features

  • Intuitive data exploration: Regardless of the data type, click and drill experience makes data exploration fast, intuitive and engaging on any device. Smooth animations help to understand that data easier than ever before.
  • Unique charts and functionality: ZoomCharts expands Power BI application through unique visualizations. TimeSeries, Graph, Multilevel Donut, and many more.
  • Cool Design: The design of the visuals is as important as the interactions. ZoomCharts visuals provides rich configuration options to enliven the reports and dashboards.

ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals Bundle includes:

  • Drill Down Donut PRO
  • Drill Down Pie PRO
  • Drill Down Combo PRO
  • Drill Down TimeSeries PRO
  • Drill Down Timeline PRO
  • Drill Down Network PRO
  • Drill Down Graph PRO
  • Drill Down Waterfall PRO
  • Drill Down Combo Bar PRO
  • Drill Down Map PRO

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Additionally to the plans available on the Appsource, we are are also offering Enterprise Plans with custom terms to make sure that they fit your organization's specific licensing requirements. Request a free quote by contacting us.

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