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Hybrid work made simple with Post-it® for Microsoft Teams

Replicate the magic of in-person collaboration with Post-it® for Microsoft Teams. Try this digital whiteboard that’s embedded directly in Microsoft Teams. Just like physical Post-it® Notes, this application enables hybrid teams to collaborate, create and take action with a simple and intuitive experience only the Post-it® Brand could create.

No matter where your team is located, their preferences for working analog or digital, or even their level of technological savvy, the simplicity of Post-it® makes for an inclusive and productive experience in today's hybrid workplace.

Try 30 days for free* to see what your team can accomplish.
(Terms and conditions apply. Limited seats available)

Spotlight features:

  • Handwritten Notes to Digital: Many great ideas often start as thoughts written on Post-it® Notes. Simply capture handwritten notes with either your webcam, or our companion mobile app to add directly to the shared board – right in your Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • Zen Mode: Create focus while ideating and to ‘silence’ other team members actions while you finish your thoughts.
  • Search & Stack Notes: Identify themes and duplicates quickly. Simply search for keywords and watch as notes are stacked to review.
  • Vote: Get group consensus on ideas with Vote.
  • Export Tasks: Hybrid teams using Microsoft Planner can now take action beyond the meeting. Tag Post-it® Notes and assign them to participants within Microsoft Planner

Use right within Microsoft Teams:

  • Authenticate with your M365 Credentials - no need to remember user name and password!
  • Create boards in your personal app in Microsoft Teams, or create a board directly in a Channel or Meeting. All users in the meeting will have access.
  • Go ahead and invite team members and everyone in the meeting will have access, even if they don’t have a Teams subscription. Collaboration made simple.

* IT Administrators may have to enable access for users in their Microsoft Teams Marketplace. Contact your IT Admin to request.

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