Abilis Data Rocket

Abilis Solutions Inc.

Scalable data ingestion, stewardship, cloud-based warehousing & on-demand visual analytics solution.

Abilis Data Rocket lets you get value from data with a modern analytic reporting platform consisting of integrated Gartner leaders.  Abilis Data Rocket helps you accelerate going from data to insight to help you best achieve organizational goals and objectives.  Whether you are looking to drive secure self service in scale to enable decision making across your company, or address specific use business use cases, the Abilis Data Rocket will get you there faster in a secure, scalable Gartner Leader fashion.

Abilis Data Rocket is an end-to-end data architecture solution that delivers scalable data ingestion, trusted stewardship, cloud-based warehousing and on-demand visual analytics. With Abilis Data Rocket:

  • Automated dynamic ingestion framework saves time and money, delivering value and minimizing upfront and future maintenance costs.
  • Audit and Control framework simplifies data ingestion troubleshooting – saving time and money by orders of magnitude.
  • Operational zones and workflow blueprints accelerate time to implement, scaling with use and growth.
  • Predictive insights with Microsoft Azure ML are scaled to enterprise use a with Abilis Data Rocket ML Integration Framework.
  • Securely scaled self-service business intelligence democratizes data for better decision making.
  • Security framework supports BI tooling that provides Authentication, SSO, User/Role administration structure, Role and Permission level mapping to Data Model, and Role and Permission Level Mapping.
  • Standardize and Master Data to classify and uniquely identify data from disparate silos, supporting unified views of key items such as customers and products.