Advancya Complaints Management Portal

yayıncı: Advancya Technologies

Get Closer to your Customers with a Turnkey Solution on Dynamics365

<> *Anonymous Complaints *Registered User Complaints *Anonymous Surveys *General Feedback *Complaint Comments Wall <> *Users Track Complaints Status *FAQ for quick Answers *Knowledge-base Articles *Streamlined Backend Processing <> *Quicker Response to Complaints/Feedback *Self-service Track Request *Easy registration (Email, Social Media) ================== || Our solution will get you Up & Running with a ready-made Portal with its own separate User Registration. || Users can register using their email, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft or even Azure Active Directory credentials, all Out Of The Box. || Users can login with their chosen credentials (email, Twitter, Facebook), and View/Edit their user profile. || Consolidate your Customer Support Team with ready-made Complaint Management Process for Complaints & Feedback Management. || Complaints received by Support Agent can be resolved, or escalated to Support Manager. || Feedbacks received get routed to Marketing Team for similar processing. || Configurable SLA to monitor Complaint Resolution; ex: if case unresolved for 10 days, send email to Support Manager. || Full reporting module to give real-time insights on received complaints, feedbacks and response times, all from one consolidated dashboard.

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