StoreVue Store BI

yayıncı: Advantech

StoreVue Store BI - Business intelligent dashboard designed for store management.

StoreVue Store BI is a store business intelligent service designed for store management. It integrates several store analytic solutions, includes store traffic and store heatmap analysis for better and efficient retail management. The StoreVue Store BI has diversified dashboard with retail domain knowledge. Users can manage the stores with the designed dashboard easily. The StoreVue Store BI also offers varieties of statistic widgets include people counting, conversion rate, shopper’s heatmap, and dwell time.


What's Inside

  • Store Traffic / Heatmap Analytics
  • Retail domain designed dashboard
  • Cross-stores / cross time analysis
  • Multiple chart types for data visualization (KPI/Bar/Line/Pie/Table/Matrix)
  • Weekly report function

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