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Streamline PCI DSS v4.0 compliance and secure payment pages with client-side JavaScript protection

Akamai Client-Side Protection & Compliance provides robust client-side protection for your website to defend against JavaScript threats and user data theft. The solution is purpose-built to help compliance and security teams meet the latest script security requirements outlined in PCI DSS v4.0 and safeguard payment card data from script-based attacks such as web skimming, Magecart, and formjacking.

Key Capabilities:

  1. Dedicated PCI DSS v4.0 capabilities: Simplifies the PCI compliance workflow process for script security requirements outlined in PCI DSS v4.0. Easily manage and justify the inventory of scripts executing on your payment pages, facilitate quick response to PCI DSS v4.0 related alerts, and monitor your compliance status across each script security requirement in one comprehensive dashboard.

  2. Behavioral detection technology: Monitors script behavior in real time during user sessions to identify suspicious and malicious script activity. Investigating the source, execution behavior, and outgoing network destinations, Client-Side Protection & Compliance provides actionable insights to effectively defend against in-browser attacks.

  3. Prioritized real-time alerting: Employs behavioral heuristics to assign risk scores to each script, considering factors such as the number of affected users, data accessed, and export destinations to prioritize and promptly address the highest-risk events.

  4. Policy management: Empowers security teams to govern their website's runtime Javascript execution through the creation of script behavior policies. Monitor and restrict access to cookies, network destinations, local storage, or sensitive data inputs originating from specific domains.

  5. Intuitive dashboards and reports: Offers intuitive dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of all scripts running on web pages as well as their supply chain dependencies. Detailed reports summarize incident, policy violation, and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) detection.

  6. Vulnerability detection: Scans first and third-party URLs for CVEs, identifying risky script sources that may exhibit malicious behavior for immediate mitigation.

  7. Flexible deployment options: Provides flexible deployment options, including origin and edge injection models. This ensures that your website can benefit from protection, even if you are not on Akamai's platform.

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