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Maximize your deals with a single platform for buy and sell-side activities

Take control of your deals with a total transaction management solution

Ansarada Deals is the one platform to replace them all. Deal in a centralized and secure space for end-to-end project visibility and management, and control your outcome from the outset.

Centralize all your deal activity to monitor progress across multiple projects simultaneously and securely, and experience the difference with technology and AI-powered tools that support every stage of the deal lifecycle. Reshape how your deal team works, drive efficiencies, and increase your capacity.

With a single platform designed for both buy and sell-side activities, and everything in between - you can create, replicate and iterate all your deal strategy, marketing and preparation processes through to due diligence, negotiation, closing and post-deal integration - bringing you efficiencies each and every time.

What Ansarada customers love about the world's most intuitive Data Room:

  • Simple design: Fast, mobile friendly and easy-to-use, even for first-timers
  • Ultimate security: Save, print and access controls. Track usage and self destruct files regardless of their saved location
  • Flexible SaaS pricing: Simple SaaS pricing and flexible plans to suit any need or budget
  • AI-powered insights: World-first AI automates processes and delivers intelligence on bidder behaviour and motives
  • Confidence & control: Satisfy risk, compliance and disclosure requirements with ease. Reports capture every action
  • Your workflow, your way: Our Deal Workflow project management tool streamlines your transaction from start to finish. Best of all - it's free to use
  • Powerful collaboration: Go faster with commenting, notifications, and role-based Q&A workflows; including Excel and email integrations
  • Bulk AI-redaction: Redact 500+ documents with 30+ custom search terms simultaneously, shaving hours off your deal preparation time

With Ansarada you can execute safer, smarter & faster M&A deals, divestments, capital raising, IPOs, restructures and more.

Try it out today for free - no strings attached. You won't pay a cent until your deal goes live.

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