The QAer: AI-Powered Quality Management

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The QAer screens all omnichannel interactions and flags critical ones for immediate QA review.

The QAer is the next generation of Quality Assurance. From a comprehensive dashboard showing each user their productivity and daily goals, to customized reports and automations, the QAer does it all, but in a simplified way.

The QAer is perfect for any telecommunications or customer service center that uses omnichannel interactions to help their customers. We will help you be the best service provider you can be. The system is fully customizable to meet Quality Assurance needs set apart from the rest by leveraging cutting edge Cloud and machine learning technologies to reduce cost while increasing productivity. The QAer leverages Azure’s secure and serverless technologies to manage its web services, API services, database services, and machine learning services.
Before, you had to hire a whole team to sort through and define which interactions need to be reviewed by a Quality Analyst. Now, The QAer does that for you. From recording and scanning all interactions, to transcribing them and flagging any keywords or interactions for immediate review, the QAer does it all.
Capturing All Types of Interactions
A key element in Quality Analytics is capturing all interactions. You must categorize them based on the who, what, when, where, and how of the interaction. The who is the employee and the customer. The what is the skill used, campaign running, subject of the interaction, or even product being discussed. The when is of course when the interaction took place, how many instances are a part of the interaction, as well as when each party came to the conversation. The where is what type of interaction took place, and when each party interacted during each portion. Finally, we come to the how. The how of the QA is of course the type of interaction taking place, whether it being a call, chat, email, or SMS text. Quality Analytics departments must have centralized data storage for all of this information.
Ensuring the Highest Quality Levels are Met
As a professional call center, you are striving for the highest quality level possible throughout all communication channels. You must define how the QA is going to be performed in a measurable manner, with a specific guidelines in place to ensure the proper handling is completed. The Who is QA’d in a certain frequency to ensure we have a minimum level baseline of quality. The What is checked to ensure that the client’s product, campaign, skill, are QA’d in a certain frequency or pattern in order to keep up with changes in the Who. The When, Where, and How are the same. Open the call with a greeting and closure that is up to standard and handled at specific levels. This includes emails, SMS, chat platforms; they are all treated the same. However, SMS, chat, and email need extra care. Agents can handle multiple SMS messages at the same time due to them being instant instances.
Customized Coaching and Feedback That Includes Training Suggestions or Modules
The QAer also creates instances for coaching and training to improve your employees so that they meet your standards of your company. When it comes to coaching and feedback for improvement, you have to provide this information to your employees through management. You can attach training as needed to the scorecards to help each employee improve themselves. The system can make recommendations for training or even assign training modules as needed to help each employee improve themselves.
Full Integration For Your Outsourced Interactions
With The QAer, any outsourced interactions, such as an outsourced call center for example, will be fully integrated into the system. This means that all interactions will be available in one centralized location so that all can be analyzed in the same manner. Outsourced interactions that have outside analysis done will have those results integrated and available for your review as well.
The QAer is the solution for any business that has a customer service center that interacts directly with customers, whether it be through, talk, chat, text, or email. The QAer is the complete solution.

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