Apptimized SafeBox

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Managed virtual Windows 10 and Linux Desktop-as-a-Service sandbox environment in the cloud

Instantly available, scalable, cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use sandbox environment in which non-standard workloads can be safely tested and run.

SafeBox is specifically built to test and run legacy, suspicious, unknown, or contaminated software. Carry out software experiments away from your production systems or provide unobstructed Internet browsing without any risk to your IT environment.

Secure, centrally managed, and fully isolated SafeBox enables a user to complete workloads without fear of disrupting other systems, data, or clients.

SafeBox features: 

  • Secure and isolated. Apptimized SafeBox is a cloud-based solution hosted on Microsoft Azure to maximize the protection of your corporate data. 
  • Management capabilities. SafeBox provides you with centralized management capabilities to administer IT workloads without the need to install additional software or use third-party tools out of your IT environment. 
  • Flexible sandbox environment. Create a sandbox environment based on your preferences, set up project settings, and enable the interaction between teams and specialists through a streamlined SafeBox framework. 
  • Persistent SafeBoxes. The snapshot feature allows you to create and run SafeBoxes as long as you wish and revert to any state of your workload setup and configuration if needed. 
  • Access everywhere. Easy and effective to access and operate from any device and location. The minimum requirements of SafeBox are Internet access & a modern browser. No need to install any other applications or perform configurations to connect to SafeBox.

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