Allegro Cloud

Ariane Systems

Online check-in and check-out for hotels

Allegro Cloud

Advanced self-service solutions for hotels removing the friction for arriving and departing guests.

Arriving guests can complete their check-in on their mobile device and be alerted once the room is ready. Guests can check-in using an indoor or outdoor kiosk on arrival at the hotel. The check-in is fully automatic and ensures the safe capture of money for the hotel, an automatically encoded key to the room, and updated status in the hotel PMS.

Check-out can also be completed at a self-service kiosk or using a mobile device. Guests can update their billing address, review their invoice, and pay any outstanding balance. Receipt and invoice can be printed or be sent by e-mail once the check-out is fully processed by the hotel PMS.


  • Complete range of solutions from single expert supplier
  • Extensive library of integrations with PMS, payment and keycard providers
  • Long experience in self-service solutions for the hospitality market
  • Indoor, outdoor and mobile services
  • Fully unattended guest arrival and departure process

Avoids the need for direct interaction between guest and staff for a safe arrival


The solution is powered by Microsoft Azure and includes a unified self-service architecture enabling web, mobile, kiosk, and applications.

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