Artisight, Inc.

Increase bed capacity, while computer vision algorithms detect the movements associated with falls.


Patients at risk for in room adverse events require 24/7 attention. A failure to prevent these event significantly impacts patient safety and hurts the organization’s reputation and financial performance. One-to-one monitoring of these patients represents a substantial allocation of staffing resources in order to prevent these frequent occurrences. 


Artisight’s tele-sitting solution reduces the cost of monitoring at-risk patients by allowing a single staff member to monitor several patients remotely. In addition, machine learning algorithms detect patient movements associated with falls, and then alert staff before an adverse event occurs. 


  • Monitor up to 12 patients per screen, with 6 screens per station 
  • Machine learning algorithms detect movements associated with falls or other adverse events before they occur. 
  • System is deployable on ruggedized mobile stand or ceiling-mounted configurations. 
  • 2-way audio with push-to-talk functionality 
  • Intuitive on-screen controls for responsive pan, tilt, and zoom 
  • Automated alarms and pre- recorded patient alerts 
  • Privacy screen for patient and staff autonomy 


Artisight Tele-Sitting vs Standard Sitter Staffing Model 

3.3x return on investment* 

*Average daily hospital census of 250 with a 3% rate of in room sitters 

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