Assura Health & Safety Management System

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How can you make Health and Safety processes easy and accessible for your workers?

How can you make Health and Safety processes easy and accessible for your workers?

Our Solution: Assura Health & Safety

With automated and intuitive workflows, Assura’s Health & Safety software ensures everyone can participate in the safety operations of projects; freeing up time to focus on your core business. Assura quickly automates processes, taking the effort out of identifying, managing and reporting hazards, events and near misses. Easy to use and fully customized for your company’s application, Assura Health and Safety enables you to identify and assign responsibility, enabling your employees to keep each other safe. 

  • Go beyond the expected. Easily identify, report, and resolve issues with ease.
  • Create a safe and healthy workplace. Minimize risk and develop intuitive safety practices using Assura’s forward thinking safety reporting application.
  • Increase your productivity and save valuable time. By providing decentralised, workflow-based processes, inefficiencies are removed, allowing more time to be spent on core business.
  • Improve your safety process. Identify responsibility from the reporting of problems to their assessment and closure.

Health and Safety case management helps hundreds of staff stay safe in the Public Sector.

Assura's highly configurable health and safety systems are making positive impacts in your community today.

We helped a regional government council implementing Assura Health and Safety system, providing safety for its workers, spread across numerous locations.

The challenge was to find a system that could cater to a wide range of unique scenarios, while being intuitive and easy for staff to use daily. Enter Assura. 

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