Bruhas - aThingz Route Planning, Optimization and Forecasting

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Closed Loop Logistics Planning for an efficient and accurate route plan

aThingz, is a global supply chain technology company that provides the following business outcome focused solutions:

· Logistics Route Planning, Optimization and Forecasting

· Demand Forecasting

· Logistics Cost to Serve

· Integrated Demand Sensing and Real Time Shipment Visibility via Digital Control Tower

· Finished Vehicle Network Velocity and Optimization

We provide faster and timely integrated business insights across the value chain, while transforming, innovating and providing sustainable cost savings, using proprietary algorithms, AI, machine learning, digital twins and optimization models. With our strong foundational data management and integrations features, we continuously improve the quality of data, thereby increasing the accuracy of supply chain business decisions. For more information about our solution and services, please visit us at

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