InsecureWeb Dark Web Monitoring

yayıncı: Atlas Inside Corp

Protect your company and clients from cyberattacks & ensure your business data isn't in the Dark Web

InsecureWeb watches for relevant information, vulnerabilities, and indicators of ongoing or future attacks to keep you one step ahead. More than 14 Billion records have been collected historically and millions are added daily.

This tool is also a great way to start your own dark web monitoring business or help close new deals.

  • Dark web monitoring. Monitor dark web activity happening in hidden websites, chat rooms, peer-to-peer network, IRC, & much more
  • Ethical hacking & penetration testing. Search the dark web to find compromised data that could be leveraged to reinforce ethical hacking exercises & differentiate your services from the competition
  • Close new deals. Scan the dark web for compromised credentials & let potential customers know what you found
  • Detect exposed credentials. Alerts when credentials are exposed or compromised so you can take action & prevent an attack
  • PII & proprietary information. Remove personal data or proprietary information as soon as possible.
  • Mitigation. Prevent a data breach and remove the data from the dark web.

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