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Bidding and Contract Management

INTIME is a virtual platform to streamline the management of bidding and contract administration. It contemplates the following scope:


  • Creation and registration of the different stages of a bidding, from the moment a new purchase requirement is received until the award of the good or service to the winning bidder.
  • Intuitive interface for suppliers so that all interactions in a bidding process are carried out through the platform.
  • Creation, registration and control of contracts, their approval times, validity of their components, incidents,  supplier's performance, among others.

Other features:

  • Dashboard and Reports. Real-time information of the status of the contracting portfolio.
  • Multi-enterprise. Ideal for managing biddings or contracts for various locations or operations.
  • Notifications and Templates. Notifications via email and Word document templates that speed up the work of those responsible.
  • Easy Administration. Quick and easy configuration of the various platform parameters (suppliers, flows, approvers, templates, etc.)
    This application is available only in [Spanish]

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