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I-Make for Business Central, software for manufacturing and production companies

This application is available only in Dutch.

I-Make improves business processes in metalworking, plastics production and equipment construction.

With advice and software solutions we ensure speed, efficiency, better results and more peace of mind in your organization.

Shorter lead times and smaller series force production companies to be more flexible when it comes to planning machines and tools. Software for metalworking and work preparation plays an important role in this.

Together with our customers we work on operational excellence in the field of laser cutting, machining, extrusion, surface treatment, precision machining, assembly and work preparation. The trinity of organization, process and technology is central to this.

With I-Make, Axians ERP software has functionalities such as calculation, stock management including certificates, article management and residual parts, extensive preliminary and subsequent calculation, planning of machines with tools and shop floor control support the various processes.
This leads to more control over the production process, the maximum result from the existing machines and on-time deliveries.

Our business software is the total ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics BC.

This application is available only in Dutch (Netherlands and Belgium) and English language.

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+31 (0)88 988 90 00

Jeroen van Diesen

Website: I-Make (Dutch)

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