OpenGround Cloud

yayıncı: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Bentley's enterprise cloud collaboration platform for geotechnical information management (GIM)

PLAN with Trusted Information - Data Integrity Ground to Cloud

Project team dynamics and the tools they require are changing rapidly. Use OpenGround® Cloud, Bentley's secure enterprise cloud collaboration platform for geotechnical data management, to empower teams with access to current and historical project data in a dynamic cloud-based environment. You can give secure and restricted access to federated data, across any connected application, on any device, for improved reliability and project efficiency.

OpenGround Cloud offers a complete solution for planning, data entry, borehole log production, lab data management, reporting, visualization and more. Improve collaboration for better, data-informed decisions among all contributors to a project and significantly increase the value of your geotechnical data. 

One of our key Android applications is OpenGround Cloud Data Collector.  An integrated tablet optimized data capture solution for OpenGround Cloud that provides users with the ability to efficiently and easily collect data, such as borehole logs, with a mobile device and synchronize data immediately to OpenGround Cloud, whether in field or office.  

It’s very exciting.  Our engineers don’t know how lucky they are as they don’t have to write in notebooks and type it up later.  ​The clients are also very impressed as we can deliver their draft logs within 30 mins”, says Emma Leivers, Engineering Technical Manager at Geotechnical Engineering Limited. 

Bentley's OpenGround applications are used by data collectors, collaborators, integrators (such as designers), managers, and system configurators or administrators for improved access to geotechnical data. Select and control the combination of applications required to meet your specific business needs by different user types. Bentley’s subscription model provides flexibility, and the OpenGround Cloud platform can scale to meet your evolving project and organization data requirements.

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