Power BI for Twinfield

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Power BI for Twinfield

Microsoft Power BI for Twinfield

Microsoft Power BI for Twinfield is a powerful, quick-to-install
business analysis application on the Microsoft Power BI
platform, configured and optimized for Twinfield's
business administration and accounting environment.


Especially for Twinfield, Victa has developed an API connector with
which real-time and online data can be read from any
desired location. The connector is easy and quick to set up in order to access data of your Twinfield administration(s). We can load data
directly from the app or through our own Victa Data Collector (VDC)
which extracts first to files or a database. This Data Pipeline
Management solutions offers the advantage of central collection of data, single point of truth, incremental loading and assurance of completeness of data.

Easy to integrate.

Microsoft Power BI for Twinfield is easy to integrate with other data
sources. With Microsoft Power BI you can quickly add other

databases or data files (XLS, XML, CSV, HTML, etc.). All possible data exports can also be facilitated from the dashboard. For

example, a commonly used export is to Excel.

Powered by Microsoft Power BI

The Twinfield dashboard has been developed on the Business Intelligence platform of Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI's intuitive

technology enables users to easily analyze information. The model can
be easily and quickly expanded with your own visualizations,

KPI's, reports or dashboard views or even with additional data sources.

Time to Value

The Twinfield Dashboard can be rolled out plug & play. The result is a powerful BI solution that can be quickly implemented throughout

your organization, resulting in a fast time to value and a high ROI.

Strong analytics

All information is presented in powerful graphical displays such as bar charts, pivot tables, gauges and pie charts. The list views are also suitable for prints and reports. In the app you can descend to the lowest level of detail (GL transactions). In short, all data is easily and
quickly available. In the Microsoft Power BI application it is possible to print out each of the different information components in report


General: consolidation across multiple administrations

Selections: In period, Year2Date (till period) and RTM (Rolling 12

· EBIT analytics

· Profit & Loss (P&L)

· Balance

· Revenue analytics

· Revenue vs Target

· Spend analytics

· Accounts Payable analytics

· Ledger card

· Transactions(GL)

· Hours & projects

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