Modern SharePoint Intranet Implementation

yayıncı: Beyond Key Systems

We build intuitive and attractive intranets to increase user engagement and improve collaboration.

Beyond Intranet works on creating better user experience and team collaboration with the modern age collaborative solutions and Intranet templates.

The classic old Intranet is replaced by the modern and more collaborative workplace called the Modern SharePoint Intranet. With the new normal and age of working remotely, collaboration workplace solutions have gained maximum popularity. Beyond Intranet deals in creating some of the most robust and useful collaborative add-ins and Intranet templates which can be used with the remote workforce seamlessly and securely anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our Office 365 and modern intranet experts excel in creating some of the quick intranet templates with the help of ready to use add-ins, components and web-parts, some of which have been created in-house. We have also developed remote working solutions like the document management and other collaborative software which allow teams to work on joint editing of documents, including complete version and authorization management. These can be easily added on any modern intranet portal to give better user experience. Components like Microsoft Teams integration also simplify real-time communication between team members and business partners.

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