BIA Document Recognizer

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Document Recognizer is an Azure solution that recognizes meta data from different types of documents

You can teach new documents and eliminate tedious rewriting. 

Main Features:

  • Automatic recognition of metadata from documents
  • Various document types: invoice, insurance policy, traffic fine, receipt and others
  • Feedback data in a structured form

Main Advantages:

  • Time reducing of document processing and data input errors
  • No cost of infrastructure – Subscription model
  • No upfront cost

This platform can be used by insurance, banking, finance & medical businesses to automate the data extraction from their documents.
This platform can be integrated for on-boarding process, claims, automated account opening, credit card documents processing, underwriting process, form filling, billing reading, extracting of investigation reports, invoice processing and other documents.  

This platform streamlines and automates the operations for many businesses that involve documents to check, process, read and verify.

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