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Repzone is a cloud based sales force automation, data collection and time tracking platform.

Repzone is a next generation mobile sales force automation solution enabling companies to manage field activities.

The following operations can be performed by team members:
  • Order Taking
  • Payment Collection
  • Mobile Forms
  • Digital Content Sharing/Presentation
  • In-store data collection : Price Check, Stock Control, Shelf Share Check
  • Inventory follow-up
  • Time tracking
  • Photo, Video, and signature interactions
Key distinctive features and benefits:

Business Insights

Offering real time business insights to management team lets the companies act and respond quickly to dynamic market conditions. With Repzone, all activities that are performed in the field are automatically reported to the management team through feeds over the map.

Digital Content Management

Once the digital content is uploaded to Repzone, it automatically becomes available in the field with respect to representative access rights. Instead of using printed marketing materials, field representatives can present most up-to-date content to their customers and increase brand awareness accordingly.

Mobile Forms

Each company has its own set of visit rules that should be applied during field visits. Traditional sales force automation platforms offer a predefined set of forms and companies do not have the flexibility to customize the mobile forms by themselves. With Repzone, companies can design and publish mobile forms so corresponding data can be gathered via mobile devices both in online and offline modes.

Time Tracking

Keeping track of availability of field team members is one of many crucial metrics used in measuring field efficiency. Time sheets reflecting total working hours can be tracked with Repzone.

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