Ensemble Process and Performance Management

yayıncı: Bimser Cozum

Process Management, Performance Management, Balanced ScoreCard, Business Process Management

Ensemble consists of three main modules: Process Management, Performance Indicator Manager and Balanced Scorecard.

Ensemble is designed as a tool that enables organizations to move from a functional-oriented management approach to a process and performance-oriented management approach. The system can be used by all users, from senior executives to employees at all levels, for process and performance management, training and information sharing.

Ensemble provides the necessary infrastructure for the modeling, visual documentation of existing processes, determination and management of process performance indicators in an organization. Application Microsoft. NET platform is fully object oriented and has English and Turkish language support. Re-engineering, ISO Certification (ISO 9001: 2008), Total Quality (TQM), EFQM Excellence Model, COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, Lean Manufacturing, six-sigma.

Ensemble can be integrated with all kinds of ERP, HRM, SCM, CRM and special corporate applications provided that it is web based

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