yayıncı: Bismart

Platform to manage and integrate, not only master data, but also corporate documents and information

The functionalities provided by Bismart's Master Data Management & Enterprise Information Integration (EII MDM): . Integration of data between systems: It governs and performs the transfer of data between the systems that intervene in the business processes, ensuring the integrity of the information. . Master data management: Consolidation and standardization of master data in a single system for use by different systems. . Data Governance: Management of the entire information lifecycle based on a metadata architecture and powerful Balanced Scorecards. The benefits of the solution provided by Bismart are: . Single platform for interoperability. . Reduces the number of integrations required. . Minimizes information integration efforts between systems . Ensures data and database standardization and information integrity. . Simplifies the management and reuse of master data or other reference information. . Absolute control over integration processes on a single platform. . 100% self-documented based on metadata. . Facilitates compliance with GDPR.

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