Power BI Data Catalog

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With Power BI Data Catalog you can automatically self-document Power BI datasets

Would you like to reduce the time and effort you spend documenting your datasets and keeping information up to date? How about promoting the correct use of your datasets and strategic information?

Power BI Data Catalog is the optimal solution for the documentation of Power BI datasets!

With Power BI Data Catalog you can:

  • Extract all of your strategic datasets from your tenant and organize them by categories, workspaces, measures, indicators, metrics, etc.
  • Locate and organize all the key information stored in the metadata of your datasets.
  • Self-document your datasets and automatically complete them with functional and descriptive information: typology, source, tables, metrics, description, etc.
  • Discover the formulas and calculations behind your performance indicators.
  • Add functional descriptions to all available datasets so that users know what information each data set contains, what it is used for, what measures it contains and how to use it correctly.
  • Classify datasets by thematic areas, business units and/or departments, workspaces, etc.
  • Filter your datasets by metric, subject, source, department, etc.
  • Complement the information within the datasets with strategic business information.
  • Empower business users by providing them with all the information they need, organized, validated and properly categorized in a single space.
  • Promote the application of data governance policies and encourage the correct use of the business information available.
  • Display the relationships between the datasets' tables.
  • Check the level of data security of your datasets by Row Level Security (RLS).
  • Discover possible errors and inaccuracies in the identification and classification of the information: duplication of metrics and indicators, out-of-date measures, etc.

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