Bottomline Secure Payments for SWIFT

yayıncı: Bottomline Technologies

Protect payments across a variety of applications, channels and payment types

Why rely on standard end-of-day incident reporting to identify fraud that has already happened?

With Bottomline, you can proactively monitor transactions in real-time, receive alerts and blocks suspicious payments before they leave your organisation. 

We help thousands of banks and corporates globally reduce risk, prevent fraud and meet regulatory compliance requirements. And with 30 years of experience in this space, we can help build and support your fraud strategy too.

Being powered by Microsoft Azure means easy deployment and scalability, as well as the peace of mind of working with a globally trusted cloud services provider. 

Additional benefits include: 
- Detect and prevent fraud in real-time with machine learning, rule-based detection and behaviour profiling 
- Create operating efficiency through an investigation centre with access to dashboards and reports
- Reduce investigation time by capturing a complete audit trail of user sessions  
- Lower costs by removing the hassle of maintaining hardware on-premise
- Stay up-to-date with seamless configuration and on-going system maintenance via the cloud 

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