Election Night Reporting Software

yayıncı: BPro Inc.

Fast, user-friendly election results

Voters, candidates and the news media all want fast, accurate results on Election Night. BPro helps states and counties around the country deliver Election Night Reporting results that are easy for the public to understand and available to anyone, anywhere, on most devices. Our solution allows users to easily navigate down to their precinct level results or view and follow federal, state and local elections through intuitive maps and graphs. The system is easy to administrate and gives Election Officials a simple way to provide and update their voters with a wealth of Election Night information.

BPro’s Election Night Reporting technology features:

  •  Cloud-based security and reliability on Microsoft Azure. Scalability allows jurisdictions to meet the ever changing spikes in usage on Election Night
  • One-click navigation, interactive maps and tracked contests provide voters access to intuitive, configurable election results
  • A mobile-friendly design that provides voters with access to results on most devices (more than 80% of users will access information through a phone or tablet after 8pm)
  • Uses existing tabulator data to give Election Administrators a cutting edge technology that is easy to set up and maintain, even on Election Night
  • Media feeds and data exports that allow Election Administrators to provide media and community news sites with unparalleled access to results, without lifting a finger on Election Night

BPro’s Election Night Reporting technology is currently used statewide in Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, and South Dakota. The system is also used by individual counties in Arizona, California, Minnesota, Nevada, and Ohio, including Clark County, NV and Sacramento County, CA. In 2019, the system will also go live statewide in Washington.

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