Consistent Email Signatures across Outlook & M365

yayıncı: BrandQuantum, Inc.

Consistent email signatures, banners, and surveys for Microsoft Outlook email across all devices

BrandMail, developed by BrandQuantum, seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook to empower every employee in the organization to automatically create consistently branded emails via a single toolbar that provides access to brand standards and the latest pre-approved content. Centrally managed, tamper-proof email signatures, email banners, content, mailers, and surveys in Outlook with no email reroutes for optimal security. BrandMail Web provides an add-in for OWA and BrandMail Lite is a mail flow solution requiring no installation. Full analytics and reporting. Compatible with Outlook desktop (2010 to Microsoft 365), Microsoft 365 for web, Mac, and all Mobile devices. 24 x7 user and VIP admin support. +60 languages fully supported.

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