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Tiny breaks to share and play, built right into your day.

Build team energy with Breakthru! Join the 39,000 organizations in 72 countries that are helping their employees stay refreshed and productive, motivated and engaged. Breakthru is a Microsoft Teams app that elevates moods and grows team trust with tiny movement breaks to share and play, built right into your employees’ day.

Take tiny breaks alone or together throughout your day. You will be guided to move your body to feel how you choose to feel in just 2 minutes. Scientifically-proven to increase engagement, build resilience and manage stress.

Choose feelings from confidence, joy, energy and centered. Set a team challenge, give a break to a colleague, use it as an ice breaker in meetings, create custom reminders for yourself, and unlock new breaks over time. Contact us here at for enterprise pricing.

Before you know it, you and your team will be making breakthru after breakthru in your work and life.

  • As a leader, use Breakthru with your team in meetings and in chats and channels, to build morale and team energy, to counter burnout, and to guide your team to a healthy break taking practice.
  • Culture and Experience leaders: Use Breakthru company wide to show your employees that you care, that healthy breaks thorough out the day are expected and encouraged, to create a culture of mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Teachers, use Breakthru in your classroom, to help kids develop a healthy break taking practice, to counter anxiety and get kids ready to learn.
  • For you, use Breakthru to gain focus, clear your head, get ready for the next event.

Breakthru can be deployed within a day, is intuitive to learn, and is fully integrated into the digital workspace.

User Quotes:

“It just gets you active, reminds you, but it makes it fun. And the best part, it's only two minutes. Two minutes is ideal.” Noucha, LA Unified Teacher

“Bringing Breakthru as part of a packed agenda, it’s really magical. It helps to bridge that human gap that we lost when we don’t meet with each other in person.” Tina- Microsoft

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