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Brillio Optimix


Optimix enables what-if scenarios to set accurate promotion budgets that fits your business goals.

Brillio Optimix allows faster Marketing Mix Modeling where users can

  • Build what-if scenarios to assist stakeholders optimize budget allocation
  • Evaluate real time of promotion effectiveness at multiple levels by channel, region, brand, SKU etc.
  • Synchronize promotion execution and monitoring

Solutions allows

  • Attribute: incremental sales from the media vehicles to the spends to derive ROI lift
  • Allocate: Spends optimally to derive maximum incremental sales and efficiency
  • Simulate: ROI from each media vehicle to quantify future effectiveness of the vehicle
  • Optimize: Future spends by incorporating dynamic business rules

Brillio Optimix can increase effectiveness of marketing investments by 20% and enhance accountability of marketing function by providing

  • Marketing spend accountability
  • Backward visibility on ROI from marketing activities
  • Forward efficiency of each marketing channel
  • Forecast the result of any changes made to marketing mix