eXperts Inter Company Integration on Business Central

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Post Intercompany transactions into multiple companies with one centralized/global journal

This ISV is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to enable the users to post intercompany transactions into multiple companies with one centralized/global journal.

Currently, in the system, by standard intercompany functionality, the user can create an intercompany entry from a particular company and send the corresponding entries to the target companies, which must be manually processed and posted in the target companies by updating the dimensions. Moreover, the standard intercompany general journal does not support direct bank-to-bank intercompany transactions.

This ISV will have enhanced capabilities of posting a single entry to multiple companies as an intercompany financial transaction. The user transactions like intercompany bank transfers, expense cross charges, and vendor settlements from different companies can be passed with an intercompany journal to achieve more system and user efficiency and reduce manual errors and omissions.

In order to cater to these intercompany transactions, this ISV is developed in the Business Central to have a global view and selection of accounts to post in the respective companies.


Intercompany Setups

Additional setups will be created on the Intercompany setup page

· Global Intercompany Journal

· Global Journal Template

· General Journal Batch

· IC Partner Code

· Validations

Intercompany Journal Process

· Intercompany Journal

A new journal will be created which will have a global table and page. The journal lines will have primary keys as the line no., source type & company for the user to select to create a journal, in order to fetch the relevant master data from a selected company.

· Balancing Intercompany Account

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