The Science of Activating User Loyalty.

yayıncı: Captain Up

Maximize teams & customer's Engagement & Retention​, using gamification, social and communication.

  • Captain Up maximizes user engagement & retention​, using gamification, social mechanics and communication tools. Users collect points, achieve trophies, progress through levels, upgrade status, claim rewards and prizes, earn premium features or purchase goods at the shop. Offering personal and gamified journeys and promotions. Matching bonuses with various parameters such as category, channel or brand. 

  • Personalized missions, promotions and events. Powered by unified customer data from various sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses. Customers collect trophies, progress through levels, upgrade status, claim daily and weekly rewards, and earn premium features, powered by unified customer data from various sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses. The module based solution is easily integrated, and is scalable to meet the brand's expanding needs. 

  • Giving brands greater intelligence and insights in order to consistently provide exceptional customer experiences. Offering ​personal journeys, virtual shop, promotions, messages, levels, challenges,​ and much more. 

  • Tracking all client data and managing relationships, successfully unlocking the value of the business accumulated data, becoming more proactive in meeting the expectations of customers with a personalised experience. 

  • As a Microsoft Partner, with significant services and competencies across the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, Captain Up has the expertise to create innovative customer-centric solutions across multiple industry sectors. Optimize the user journey, provide relevant, timely feedback, and reward desired activities while gaining a dynamic view of team & customer behavior. 

  • Captain Up powers customers with relevant goals, feedback and rewards for their activity. By focusing on each individual's activities, behavior and preferences – enable a new approach to strengthening motivation. Create rewarding real time promotions using game mechanics and behavioral psychology. 

  • Real-time, automated, and personalized customer engagement, with rewards along the way​. Whether your goal is VIP loyalty or customer retention, Captain Up has everything you need to plan and execute at each stage of the customer life cycle. 

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