Veritas Alta Recovery Vault

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Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault is a fully managed, cloud-based data retention service for NetBackup and Veritas Alta™ Data Protection users. With end-to-end deduplication, ransomware protection with immutability, predictable monthly costs, and the industry’s broadest workload support, Veritas Alta Recovery Vault ensures the lowest TCO for your organization’s cloud storage requirements.

Veritas Alta Recovery Vault and the Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine ensure no data gets left behind, and air-gapped multi-cloud isolation provides complete protection from ransomware and other threats. With Veritas Alta Recovery Vault, an organization can be confident its data is secure in the cloud, plan for disaster recovery, meet compliance and governance requirements, and prevent data loss from ransomware.

Veritas Alta Recovery Vault not only simplifies the process of provisioning new storage in the cloud, it also reduces risks.

When using self-managed public cloud service providers for backup, provisioning new storage requires a series of cumbersome steps to create an account, define access tiers, select the protection policies, and validate the configuration. This process can introduce gaps in both security and compliance. Veritas Alta Recovery Vault eliminates the complexity and reduces risks. You provision and manage all storage as a service resource using locked-down security and role-based authentication policies. Eliminating separate accounts and user interfaces across cloud providers ensures that security and compliance policies are in check.

And because Veritas Alta Recovery Vault is tightly integrated with NetBackup and Veritas Alta Data Protection, your cloud storage benefits from its same capabilities, including:

• Data encryption in transit and at rest—Ensures compliance and protects data from ransomware and other malicious attacks.

• AI/ML-based anomaly detection—Identifies and alerts on unexpected changes to backup data before an event can occur, ensuring that data is always recoverable.

• Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine—Abstracts cloud data protection complexity by detecting new workloads and automatically applying protection policies across all major clouds. new storage target.

• Immutable cloud storage—Ensuring that backup data is impervious to unauthorized changes and enabling organizations to meet regulatory requirements

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