Energy 2.0

yayıncı: Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Accelerate the Transition to a Sustainable Future by Unleashing the Power of Digital Technology

Power your business with Energy 2.0 solution from Celebal Technologies to embrace sustainability for innovation and business growth. The ‘smart & green’ framework employs cutting-edge technologies like Azure Digital Twin (ADT), IIoT, Machine Learning, and Extended Reality to reduce Carbon Footprint while increasing ROI. The future-ready solution is committed to implementing Net-Zero strategies and aims to achieve energy efficiency and a greener future. The decentralized and interconnected solution is a tailored innovation that addresses the needs of your business and those of the environment.

The benefits of Energy 2.0 solution includes:

Ø 50% Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Ø 2X Improved ROI

Ø 45% Overall Cost Reduction

Key Features:

  • A sustainable solution to achieve energy and material efficiency
  • Supports smooth energy transition to zero emission electrical & thermal power
  • Amplifies the use of green materials
  • A clean energy solution for predictive maintenance, operations insight, and asset management

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