Cenareo Digital Signage Solution

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Cenareo Digital Signage Solution

Cenareo combines an Award-Winning, intuitive digital signage solution with robust, forward-thinking expertise that simplifies large screen fleet management, maximises communication impact and accelerates digital transformation.

A forefront enterprise solution that reduces time to market, boosts content managers’ creativity, increases fleet operators’ productivity, and improves the ROI, whilst enabling global as well as local access management. 

We are a tech expert 
With digital signage in our DNA, our team is growing in the heart of the IoT Valley, the largest B2B IoT ecosystem in Europe. 

Your partner in crime 
Cenareo is a catalyst of experience and expertise through its partnerships with the communication and display ecosystem : integrators, installers and communication agencies with whom we operate throughout Europe.

A rock solid company : 30% growth in 2020 
Our growth is supported by strong public and private partners (Caphorn Invest, BPI France), by our investments in innovation (35% of revenue) and by our R&D team which represents 45% of the workforce. 

A cost effective solution 
Our customers can count on the ergonomy of our solution and on the support and proactivity of our team to ensure a fleet of efficient screens without hidden costs.

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