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AISAAC can be implemented for advanced image analysis in industry.

AISAAC is a visual classification system, that can create dynamic convolution neural network architecture dedicated for specific set of images. Thanks to this image classification is very precise and can recognize anything that human can using only visual recognition. You can classify industrial materials, food, plants, machines, medical images (and many more) and create advanced quality control system with precision higher then 85%. System works in three phases: 1. Data acquisition 2. Model training 3. Production classification Thanks to it modular architecture and advanced technology, you can easily train models on your custom domain data. Most of system components are hosted inside Docker containers, so system is cloud agnostic. AISAAC can be implemented for advanced image analysis in industry, for example for categorizing: food, metal elements, correct assembly, detection of dangerous elements on transport lines and all others topics requiring human categorization. AISAAC has the ability to scale relative to human capabilities in the context of image analysis and decision support. Target industry: manufacturing, automotive, food production. Business audience: CEO, BDM, R&D team.

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