CibusCell for Hydrogen Production & Optimization

yayıncı: CibusCell Technology GmbH

Monitor & optimize the production of hydrogen with cloud-based analytics and big data.

CibusCell is essential for the market rollout of green hydrogen

The CibusCell solution provides users with planning, running, operating & optimizing of H2 value chains

Hydrogen value chains, being digitally interconnected, can help to minimize risks and optimize costs right from the start. An efficient green hydrogen economy, digital interconnectedness and data analyses create required synergies. TheCibusCell cloud solution enables cross-sectoral alignment, paving the way for an efficient green hydrogen economy. The software solution enables market players to set project investments on a solid footing right from the start.

It also allows for cross-sectoral cooperation, so businesses can be adjusted to current market conditions in real time:

Optimization option 1: Site digitalization

Digitally mapping mutual dependencies, making them controllable

CibusCell consolidates data across sites and correlates them with relevant market data, enabling efficient operational control.

Optimization option 2: Potential analysis

Seeing what’s possible and realistic

Based on a wide range of data, CibusCell calculates achievable outcomes under given operating conditions. A mesh of complex interdependencies automatically feeds into the calculation.

Optimization option 3: Production data

Poor data quality often hampers efficient operation

CibusCell offers customizable dashboards displaying all relevant production parameters. Leveraging artificial intelligence, data are meaningfully correlated with electricity consumption, output and energy prices. For faster and smarter decisions.

Optimization option 4: Real-time availability

For efficient controlling, time is of the essence

CibusCell leverages its cloud solution to display and analyze relevant data in real time. A sound basis for vital business decisions.

CibusCell is essential for the market rollout of green hydrogen:

  • Digitalizing the value chain to interconnect individual market players.
  • Providing the hydrogen market with decisive information, such as weather, consumption, market price and operational data, for intelligent big-data analyses.
  • Real-time monitoring for efficient process control across companies.

  • Accelerating the rollout of the hydrogen industry, making a concrete contribution to the transformation.

CibusCell leverages the power of big data, artificial intelligence and digital collaboration to provide a unique SaaS cloud platform for managing H2 power plants from end to end. Some of the tangible benefits of CibusCell:

  • Digitalisation and AI capabilities of CibusCell AI-powered platform is powering hydrogen investments & production value chains to create a whole new level of agility and operational excellence, leading to a reduction of CAPEX and OPEX investments by 15% to 20%.

  • Production-efficiency increase by up to 30%as a result of sector coupling

  • ROI within 4 to 7 years through faster scaling of green hydrogen for commercial use

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