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Right-sizing VM's & SQL; Cost estimates; Security Capability Mappings; PaaS & IaaS recommendations.

It includes detailed cost analysis using actual infrastructure data (CPU usage, storage, etc.) to provide ROI and TCO for moving workloads to the Cloud.

Key functions

An Inventory of Datacenter Assets

CloudRecon scans your on-premises datacenter and infrastructure to identify and list key assets such as servers, applications, networking devices, OS’, physical or virtual machines, CPU, memory, disk information, and network information, etc. and recommend how and what you should move to the cloud.

Cybersecurity Maturity

One of the key drivers to move to Cloud Services is to reduce Cybersecurity risks.CloudRecon helps you to determine your Cybersecurity maturity level to inform your Cloud strategy.

At a Glance

  • CloudRecon automates the Cloud ready assessment process to determine the readiness of an enterprise to move to the Cloud by providing detailed analytics on your on-premises IT infrastructure.
  • Much faster and more cost-effective than doing a manual assessment
  • Produce detailed technical recommendations for decision makers in minutes

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