CloudFit Software Monitoring

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CloudFit Monitoring Services - Helping You Manage Your Mission Critical Systems

Many enterprises across industries can have millions of dollars invested in Service Management and Monitoring tools and infrastructure. These investments support the entire IT Portfolio. As enterprises integrate to Azure and Office 365 workloads, the answers for how to monitor are not immediately clear.  Will the existing tools work?  Will other tools be required?  Who in the organization will take accountability for the monitoring outcome of the end-to-end experience of Azure or Office 365 Workloads?

CloudFit Software offers an “easy button” for monitoring Azure or Office 365 applications.  Delivered as a managed service, CloudFit Software’s devices (or customer-provided devices) are placed in critical locations.  Escalation protocols are defined.  And then the outcomes simply happen: automated phone calls, emails, texts, alerts (in your existing tooling), tickets (in your existing tooling), etc.  Weekly and monthly service reviews are conducted with CloudFit's Product Group to provide recommendations and iterative improvement guidance to the your IT organization.

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