CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management Solution

yayıncı: CloudMoyo Inc

A cloud-native platform to empower railroads modernize their core operations and revenue functions

CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management (CRTM) is a cloud-native SAAS product suite that empowers rail freighting companies to digitalize and automate core operations and revenue functions, manage crew and support safety compliances, optimize assets, and obtain commercial visibility. A flexible platform with a simple yet intuitive interface, CRTM is powered by a sophisticated optimization engine, intelligent algorithms, advanced analytics, and AI and ML technologies. CRTM offers enterprise-wide operational visibility to streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive efficiency as railroads looks to accelerate digital transformation within their companies.

Our CRTM product suite comes with the following features to digitally transform your rail transportation business:

  • Crew Management: Agilely and intelligently manage crew process across boards, optimize crew deployment and allocations, manage compliances, and provide real-time visibility with advanced crew analytics.
  • Revenue Management: Deliver incremental revenue growth with streamlined and intelligent processes for revenue recognition, financial reconciliation, pricing, rating, revenue forecasts, waybill creation, and more.
  • Rail Operations: Enhances visibility and control over operations such as service design, equipment, location scheduling, tracking, and network optimization.
  • Interline Settlements: Automates interline settlement processing and dispute resolution to reduce the interline revenue settlement lifecycle and accelerate revenue recognition.
  • Intermodal Management: Optimizes gate and ramp operations at intermodal terminals to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Equipment Control: Modernizes railcar hire and equipment ordering for better visibility and control.
  • Operational Testing: Simplify operational and efficiency testing by facilitating the planning, execution, and reporting of operational tests in a cloud environment, ensuring compliance with federal safety guidelines, GCOR, SSI, and other rulebooks while also being able to track key safety metrics through analytics dashboards.
  • Locomotive Management: Streamlines locomotive inventory management and maintenance operations, and ensures compliance with repair billing standards and best fit allocations for service design.
  • Mechanical Carload Maintenance: Upgrades car and equipment maintenance operations to minimize maintenance cost and service upkeeping.
  • Waybill Management: Facilitates all waybill transactions, including the creation, modification, correction, and exchange of waybills, with minimal intervention.
  • Customs: Standardize customs filing procedures with customs authorities to avoid non-compliance penalties in cross border shipments.
  • Corporate Masters: Centralized collection of rail industry reference files and internal master documents that act as a single source of truth for all transactions within CRTM.

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