CloudMoyo Data Modernization

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Structure big data with a modern data platform to deliver high quality data and insights

Data plays a huge role in decision-making, especially in today's data-driven world. We produce tons of big data every day but much of it remains unstructured, meaning you're not getting the best insights from your data. Modernizing your data platform can ensure the delivery of high-quality data for better insights that can inform your business decisions. Data platform modernization makes sure your data is reliable with real-time analysis that allows you to get the most up-to-date insights on business performance.

CloudMoyo focuses on data management and governance to create scalable, compliant, secure, and accurate processes. With end-to-end support from evaluation to action, our engineers can help you migrate, build, and maintain modern data platforms to extract valuable insights through analysis and prediction.

Data Management & Governance:
• Master Data Management - gain access to a unified master data service across your enterprise and ensure accurate, consistent, & complete master data access across the enterprise
• Enterprise Data Management - consolidate organizational data across multiple sources to increase efficiency and ensure consistent, scalable data architecture; enhance organizational capacity to integrate, govern, secure, and disseminate data from multiple data streams
• Modern Data Warehouse - support business intelligence activities with a central management system to store & consolidate data from multiple sources, as well as rapidly integrate data in your business environment, improve efficiency, and enable new data models

Data Engineering:
• Data Migration & Integration - ready your data for analysis in a modern architecture seamlessly; extract, stage, and integrate data with other systems & tools, and align your data with current & future business goals
• Big Data & Streaming - capture and analyze untapped data in real-time and track & monitor device health, internal & external assets, day-to-day operations, & more

Decision Analytics:
• Data Visualization - visualize and analyze complex enterprise data with ease to uncover patterns, study trends, predict outcomes, & meet reporting needs
• Self-Service Business Intelligence - empower end-users with data ownership by allowing them to design & deploy their own reports while creating governance with an approved architecture & predefined roles/responsibilities
• Real-Time Analytics - be confident in making time-sensitive decisions backed by data by capturing data live

Benefits of Modernizing Data Platforms:
• Seamless migration of apps and storage operations to a cloud platform
• Streamline the ETL process, including ingesting, reporting, and analysis
• Eliminate data silos and data inaccuracy with a single source of truth
• Promote enterprise-wide data democratization and self-service BI
• Align business objectives with an agile, scalable, and analytics-embedded cloud data warehouse
• Sustainable environment for next-generation data visualization, reporting, and analytics

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