powerThings - Power Platform Solution Accelerators

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Power Platform Starter solutions which can be rapidly customised and extended to meet requirements

Pre-built components that solve common but hard problems to solve

powerThings enable organisations to benefit from proven approaches to solving common technical challenges, packaged as components which can be deployed as part of your solution atop of the Microsoft Power Platform.
Deploy powerThings as part of your solution with cloudThing support to significantly reduce effort, cost, and risk in delivering solutions in multiple business domains. 

Simplify Adoption of the Power Platform with pre-built solution accelerators from cloudThing

Proven enterprise-grade, starter solutions. Easily customised to meet your unique requirements.

Extensible and flexible for local process design, without vendor lock-in.

Customise, extend, and integrate Audit Away easily to meet requirements – without lock-in.


Enhance Dynamics 365 

  • Offload Audit Logging - Publish Audit logs outside of the CDS, on Microsoft Azure and other custom destinations outside of the CDS using <powerThing> Audit Away.
  • Notify your Teams - Notify users in Dynamics, Microsoft Teams and other channels based on custom rules and system-driven events using <powerThing> Megaphone.
  • Capture Data Fast - Speed-up data entry in Dynamics 365 with customisable, multi-record, keyboard friendly batch processing forms powered by <powerThing> Sonic Data Entry. 
  • Address your Contacts - Automatically generate formal, informal and addressee salutations for contacts to use in processing based on configurable rules using the <powerThing> Salutations engine.

Integrate with the Common Data Service
  • Simplify Multi-system Data Exchange - <power>Thing Data Mill provides an enterprise ready, powerful, flexible engine which can be configured to pull and push data, to and from the CDS, using multiple sources. Cleanse, transform, and synchronise huge values of data effortlessly. 
  • Score data, improve quality, generate insights - Enable <power>Thing Scored! to scan your CDS records, ranking them based on custom scoring rules, to identify opportunities to improve the data quality and generate insights from your data to unlock value and improve business performance.

New powerThings are released on a regular basis, get in touch with us to see how they can benefit your Power Platform solution implementation.

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