Surety - Regulation and Compliance delivered with Confidence

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We invite you to tailor your Surety subscription to the specific needs of your organisation.

In an environment where the volume of regulation and the rate of regulatory change continues to rise, your ability to achieve and remain compliant is constantly being challenged.

This challenge is compounded when operating in multiple jurisdictions partly due the fact that not all regulatory regimes operate in the same way. This can make interpretation of regulation and the translation of this into tangible or meaningful requirements increasingly difficult.

As a result of these challenges, the operational cost of compliance has risen (as much as 10% of operational spend in many cases) as well as the risks associated with non-compliance (such as fines or even loss of license).

To address these challenges, we’ve developed Surety to help companies meet their regulatory obligations.

Surety is a RegTech platform that enables you to manage all of your regulatory obligations in one place.

Our platform supports and simplifies compliance planning, management and reporting activities. Surety combines best-in-class machine learning, process workflow and data visualisation to provide you with complete control over regulations. It works for any type of document e.g. internal policies as well as, external regulations. Surety is highly configurable and can be optimised for us across any sector or jurisdiction and at the same time, provides a centralised view of compliance allowing management to have confidence in how their exposures are being managed.
Surety is a platform that is designed to support Audit, Technology and Operation functions as well as, Compliance Analysts, Compliance Managers, Chief Compliance Officers.

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