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The future of paperless data exchange in Healthcare & beyond. Completely reliable cloud-based fax

Document Exchange and Processing Burden in Healthcare

Exchanging and processing documents is at the heart of almost all business processes. In healthcare, the burden of exchanging and processing documents is even more profound. It can literally mean life or death!

Fax remains one of the few ways to securely exchange documents. Many healthcare organizations, both large and small, struggle with exchanging and processing documents. This can include manually reviewing each page of an inbound document in order to classify it and enter data from it into an electronic healthcare record or other database. For many, keeping up with the volume is near impossible.

If the organization has its own fax servers, the IT management burden of maintaining the in house servers, securing them with the most recent patches and having adequate redundancy for the inevitable system failures all result in a higher total cost of ownership.

If the organization uses a fax service, are you being charged a fixed rate even though your usage fluctuates, and is the service treated like a mission critical part of your business?

Concord Cloud Fax 

Concord Cloud Fax is a leader in providing fax and secure document delivery in healthcare. No fax machines and no on premise fax servers to maintain. Concord Cloud Fax offers everything your organization needs to securely send and receive thousands or millions of faxes every day.

Effective and Secure Document Exchange

Compliant with HIPAA data security requirements, PCI certified, SOC 2 certified, and secure and encrypted in transit and at rest: Concord Cloud Fax is designed for organizations that adhere to strict document security standards.

Reimagining the Role of Fax in Healthcare

At Concord, we know that faxed documents are crucial to healthcare processes, so we’re making faxes work for healthcare professionals. We’re transforming the ease and security with which faxes are exchanged; we’re changing the way that inbound documents are handled; and when coupled with our NEXTSTEP product we’re reimagining the way that the data needed to impact patient outcomes is extracted from documents and populated into EMR and database systems.

There is no need to worry about fax servers or telephony management and the pricing for Concord Cloud Fax is consumption based so you only pay for what you use.

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