Conversica Automated Sales Assistant

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Conversica Automated Sales Assistant - AI for Marketing and Sales

The Conversica Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sales Assistant engages every single lead in a natural, two-way human conversation reaching out to every single lead. It lets your salespeople focus on selling and closing deals instead of chasing down leads.

EFFECTIVELY MOVE LEADS DOWN THE FUNNEL – Reach out to leads every step of the journey through multiple channels. Engage every lead, even if they're not ready to buy yet. Identify buyer interest, verify contact information, and book meetings for sales.

DRIVE ENGAGING CONVERSATIONS WITH EVERY LEAD – Customers want to be heard. Listen to their needs and personalize the follow-up experience with one-to-one conversations.

HELP YOUR SALES TEAM SUCCEED – Gain visibility into the lead follow-up process and track results of your sales team's performance.

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