Advanced Transportation Management System

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The foundation of an effective ITS solution for smart communities


For more than 40 years, Cubic | Trafficware has provided the transportation industry’s most advanced traffic control solutions. Trafficware’s ATMS platform provides the fundamental elements of a transportation infrastructure vital to the economic growth, quality of life, and safety for any size community.

From the latest Connected Vehicle technologies, web-based tools like Signal Performance Measures, to the System Dashboard that provides insightful business intelligence, Trafficware’s ATMS helps Smart Cities around the world address the challenges of transportation management. ATMS continually evolves to meet today’s needs thanks to direct input from hundreds of Cubic | Trafficware customers like you.

ATMS provides a clear graphical user interface (GUI), intuitive controls and new features that maximize agency productivity. Our system implements industry standards such as NTCIP and NEMA and is designed to Management System (ATMS) specifications published by FHWA, ITE, IMSA, Caltrans and other industry leaders. 

Key Features:

Tidal Wave

TidalWave is a live streaming traffic information service powered by machine-learning and edge computing. Tidal Wave delivers predictive learning applications for connected vehicles, smart cities, smart intersections, and “Internet of Things” (IoT) markets.

Alarms Dashboard

The ATMS Alarms Dashboard provides users with critical system information at-a-glance using business intelligence analytics tools. Its seamless, dynamic, and interactive system monitoring allows Traffic Engineers to identify potential reliability issues and focus on improvements to traffic flow.

Clear Interface

ATMS is based on Microsoft standards and provides users with a clear, familiar, and intuitive interface using “ribbon” controls for all system commands and functions. Additionally, the ATMS interface has an array of customization options for power users.

Map View

The ATMS Map View provides users with current system operating conditions using an intuitive dashboard. The Map View graphically illustrates system status, activity, devices and performance. The Map View not only indicates traffic signal status, but also shows congestion levels (MOEs), live camera feeds, dynamic message signs (DMS), roadway closures and more.

Synchro Integration

ATMS integrates with Cubic | Trafficware’s Synchro software, allowing users to dramatically improve productivity while working between platforms and allowing collaboration with colleagues around the world 

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