CyberCoach Training and Support for Employees

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CyberCoach is an app that trains and supports employees to stay safe online at work and beyond work.

Today's internet can threaten not just our bank accounts, but our emotional well-being, physical and psychological safety, and even our democracy. CyberCoach is a way for responsible organizations to do more to protect their employees, customers and society.

We have woken to a new reality of cyber threats. Online security and privacy require more and more skills and resources. CyberCoach equips employees with these important skills, as well as coaches them to protect others.

Learning practical security skills has never been this quick

CyberCoach training scenarios are realistic simulations of situations where employees need to take action. Scenario training is effective and memorable because employees receive concrete, immediate feedback to their actions. One training scenario takes only minutes to complete. No headphones or even laptop needed (with MS Teams / Slack on mobile). 82 % of users say they actually learned something new with CyberCoach. Training scenarios cover both cyber security and data privacy, as well as regulations including GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Individuals, not "end users"

It has never been more difficult for employees to keep themselves and their close ones safe as it is today. Cyber threats are constantly changing. The ways we can protect ourselves keep changing too. Parents are struggling to keep their children safe, and have both proactive and reactive age-appropriate conversations with their children about difficult cyber issues such as disinformation, juvenile cybercrime and online predators. It is not necessarily any easier to protect elderly family members or others in need of support. CyberCoach offers instant anonymous help in both work-related issues as well as personal issues ranging from safe online shopping to online bullying, fake profiles and romance scams.

Employee data privacy as top priority

Employees can safely and anonymously make mistakes in trainings and get help even with embarrassing off-work issues. Employees see all their data and are in full control of what is shared with others in the organization.

Admin Features

  • Always provide training against latest threats
  • Actionable Insights: Incidents & Awareness
  • Develop & Measure Security Culture
  • Social Impact: Coach employees to stay safe off work, respond to disinformation and support those they care about.
  • One App for Employees for both Cybersecurity & Data Privacy: Covering regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS

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