Cyberfish Phishing Protection for Office 365

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Cyberfish Real-Time Phishing Protection using AI and Computer Vision

Cyberfish protects company's employees from the most sophisticated and spear phishing attacks by combining Computer Vision and AI.

Cyberfish’s disruptive protection approach, is to “look” at incoming emails, the links included therein and the resulting landing pages, and analyze their actual visual representation to detect impersonation.

The Cyberfish visual analysis technology allows to detect new phishing attacks in real-time, without relying on outdated blacklist technology, adding a layer of protection which didn’t exist until today.

Cyberfish stops all types of phishing attacks, including spear phishing, credential harvesting, BEC, CEO Fraud, impostor, mediator and attachments phishing.

Cyberfish also offers automatic and continuous employees security training and education.

Cyberfish offers seamless integration with Office 365, 5 minutes deployment, out-of-band setup via API, without changing MX records.

Simple-to-use Dashboard, Real-Time Notification and Daily Reports, Custom Executive Reports, Custom configuration of whitelists.

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